Decentralizing the law

Echo is a network of seasoned experts aiming at building a decentralized future of law

What we do

Our mission is to bring clarity and mitigate legal risks in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.
We collaborate alongside teams of blockchain technology and solution development experts to implement blockchain technology-based solutions into the current legal system to bring actual value to the legal industry.


Since 2016, we have been investing in R&D to benchmark new blockchain protocols and technologies.

We strive to be at the forefront of Web3 thought research and development of blockchain protocols and regulation to build the next generation of core technical and legal standards for the blockchain ecosystem.


Our experienced team provides strategic consulting and advisory services for companies, institutions and individuals to help them to meet their strategic goals.

We help you identify and mitigate legal and regulatory risks associated with the use of distributed ledgers, blockchains, cryptocurrencies and digital assets, and facilitate the deployment of your blockchain based applications (token project diligence, smart legal contracts, regulatory compliance, token design...).


We provide high quality training that prepares lawyers and legal practitioners adapt to and thrive with technological disruption.

Our innovative and practical approach facilitates knowledge, experience sharing and collaboration amongst legal practitioners, software developers, and operations people to better deal with complex technological projects.

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About us was founded in 2017 by seasoned lawyers, software developers, researchers and technologists passionate about challenges facing emergent decentralized technologies and committed in building the decentralized future of law.

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